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Ad Creation

Whether it’s for a major annual event or smaller regular ones, we make sure to dream up and deliver a stellar / dazzling campaign. We rely on a defined strategic axis and connectivity plan to guide creation and inspire our team to find the right idea that will meet your objectives and resonate with your audience. An advertising offensive such as this allows you to stand out and make your brand shine.

Branded Content

Entertain your audience, connect with them, let them discover your personality. You have the ability to develop content that is tailored to your community, and that is what we want to help you create. Through a content creation strategy that is relevant to your audience, we’re able to produce stories that are emotionally rich.

“Advertising, without the advertising!”

Brand Manifesto & Employer Branding

With our collaborative workshops, we help you communicate your raison d’être: who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Thus creating content that allows you to resonate both on an internal and external level. “It’s a powerful way to increase visibility with customers, suppliers, and even to create loyalty among employees (both current and future). It creates a sense of pride”.

Creative Production

You have an idea, a concept for your brand? Do you want to bring it to life through moving, funny, breathtaking images? We can help you create something beautiful, something great! Our integrated production and creative teams will guide you through the creation and production of your video content by working closely with your internal teams or external collaborators. Collaborate with us if you want to captivate your audience with emotionally rich video content.


Creating good content is great, but making sure it reaches people is even better! A discoverability plan that includes a content and connectivity strategy allows you to create the complementary pieces of content needed to promote your brand.

Grab your audience’s attention, encourage engagement, and make them want to consume your content.

Branded content
Advertising creation
Brand Manifesto & Employer Branding
Creative production


We’ll help you develop a strategy that accurately reflects your brand and its ambitions, with the goal of establishing a human connection with your audience.

  • Guidance and global strategic planning
  • Content strategy
  • Project management


We imagine content that will resonate with your values and those of your audience, stories that will make you smile, feel comfortable and welcome, that will bring people together and challenge them, all by channeling the very best of human emotion.

  • Creative strategy
  • Conceptualization / Design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Directing


We optimize budgets through an agile approach that maximizes the value of every dollar you invest all while maintaining a quality of production and execution that will exceed your expectations. This is the result of a synergy created between all these different departments working within one same agency.

  • Pre-production
  • Shooting (fiction, documentary, magazine, advertising)
  • Post-production


We strategically plan the delivery of your content so that it is fully able to make an impact in your market and engage your audience in a meaningful way.

  • Connectivity / connection plan
  • Implementation, management, and optimization of digital campaigns
  • Performance analysis and dashboard configuration
  • Discoverability