Delight for the screen age

is a video creation studio that aims for a positive impact.
Kekou 2022 avec Mathieu Dufour
Fido x Radio-Canada
Avec Kath Levac
Vin du Québec
Trouver son équilibre
Campagne - Dual Realities
Campagne - Brasseurs de trouble
Le Trou Du Diable
Campagne - Partager ce que nous sommes
Our approach

Born out of a desire to entertain and surprise audiences, we create marketing and original content designed to leave a positive mark on your screens. We offer a fully integrated service, from strategic planning to video content distribution and amplification.

Our services
Vincent Chabot
Cofounder – Producer and CEO
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Sébastien St-Martin
Cofounder - Creative & Director
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Patrick St-Martin
Cofounder - TV producer
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Pierre-Luc Miville
Cofounder - Creative, Director, and VFX specialist
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Samuel Brisebois
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Valérie Naud
Production Manager
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Alicia Barbeau
Assistant video editor
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Samantha Labrecque
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Janik Larose
Post-Production Coordinator
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